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The goal of the Better Dispensing™ blog is to share dispensing technology features, application stories, and best practices to help you improve your manufacturing processes.

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16 Ways EFD Dispenses Joy in Manufacturing

Dispensing joy in your manufacturing process

4 December 2018

Find out how EFD dispenses joy in manufacturing and our local communities.

Cyanoacrylate Dispensing Valve Reduces Rejects

Radial Spinner Valve System

29 November 2018

Discover how EFD's radial spinner valve system improves process control.

Halogens and Halides: What You Need to Know

Burning damaged computer components.

26 October 2018

Learn what halogens and halides are and why they're a concern.

Fluid Dispensing Systems for Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries

Battery Charging Station for Electric Cars

27 September 2018

Increase the production and performance of electric vehicle batteries.

Upgrade from Squeeze Bottles to Fluid Dispensers

Ultimus II precision fluid dispenser dispenses glue, epoxy, sealant, solder paste, flux, silicone, and more

27 August 2018

Learn how to speed up production with more accurate dispensing.

Setup Wizard for Vision-Guided Dispensing Robots

Nordson EFD GV Series gantry automated fluid dispensing robots

26 July 2018

Find out how EFD's proprietary automated dispensing software wizard works.

2-Part Epoxy: Fluid Dispenser vs. Meter Mix System

Ultimus V LED Application

27 June 2018

Pros and cons of 2-part epoxy dispensing equipment for your application.

Selecting the Best Fluid Reservoir for Your Application

Fluid Reservoir Family Shot

31 May 2018

Guidelines for selecting the most effective fluid reservoir for your needs.

Contact versus Non-Contact Dispensing

contact vs. non-contact jetting or jet dispense valve side by side comparison

30 April 2018

Find out which micro-dispensing method is right for your application.

Machine Builders Intro to Precision Fluid Dispensing

Precision spray valve used in an automotive machine builder application.

30 March 2018

Advice on how to maximize fluid dispensing in custom automation solutions.

Optimize Benchtop Syringe Dispenser Performance

Ultimus I syringe dispenser dispensing flux on an electronic component. Also used to dispense glue, oil, grease, silicone, solder paste, cyanoacrylate, UV-cure, and other assembly fluids.

22 February 2018

Practical tips for boosting productivity in your manufacturing process.

EMI Reflects on 20 Years with Nordson EFD

EMI Fridge with EFD Fluid Dispensing Optimum Components

10 January 2018

How EFD provides consistent packaging to a fluid formulator, establishes long-time customer relationship.

New Dispensing Technology Released by Nordson EFD

ESD-Safe syringe barrel and dispensing tip used in an electronics application with a pneumatic fluid dispenser

19 December 2017

Review the latest dispensing technology from 2017.

How to Choose the Right Dispensing Needle

Nordson EFD dispensing needles (also known as dispensing tips, dispense tips, or nozzles) deliver precise, repeatable fluid deposits for highly productive manufacturing and assembly processes.

15 November 2017

Sometimes focusing on the smallest aspect of an assembly process can deliver big returns.

Automated Grease Dispensing for Automotive Switches

2 October 2017

Learn how to reduce over-deposits on radio and climate control switches.

Dispensing Sealants onto Automotive Windows

Rear windows on automobiles that are usually sealed with urethane and primers abstract Discover how to reduce fluid waste when applying sealants to automotive windows.

Automotive Oil Spray Systems for Armrests to Door Handles

781s greasing hinge spray

6 September 2017

Boost accuracy when applying oil and grease in automotive applications.

Jet Dispensing UV-Cure to Seal Automotive Sensors

Nordson EFD PICO Pulse jetting valve dispensing UV-cure adhesive onto automotive sensor

10 August 2017

A few seconds can make a huge impact on throughput. Learn more.

3 External Factors That Wreck Dispensing Outcomes

Man frustrated with a dispensing process

11 July 2017

Prevent your production floor from ruining deposit consistency.

Dispensing Components Work Together to Reduce Costs

fluid dispensing syringe barrel system

7 June 2017

Fluid dispensing 101: The benefits of an integrated system.

A Closer Look: Automated Dispensing with Vision

CCD Smart Camera for Fluid Dispensing

10 May 2017

Vision-guided dispensing systems remove the guesswork from your dispensing process.

3D Printing of Human Prosthetics

3D printing of human prosthetics using dispensing technology

19 April 2017

EFD helps university researchers with 3D printing.

How to Prevent Air Bubbles in Syringe Barrel Dispensing

Nordson EFD Optimum Barrels and Cartridges Filled

12 April 2017

Tactics to start using today to keep air out of your fluid for greater process control.

What to Expect from the Better Dispensing Blog

Nordson EFD

4 April 2017

Sharing best practices in dispensing, new technology, and fluid applications.

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