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SmoothFlow Tapered Tips

Ideal for use with medium-to-high viscosity fluids, Optimum® SmoothFlow™ tapered dispensing tips apply thick or particle-filled fluids with ease and accuracy.

The tapered design provides smooth flow of viscous fluids and resists clogging when dispensing particle-filled materials. A higher flow rate allows you to lower air pressure and shorten dispense times, which can help improve yields.

Manufactured with clean, blunt ends to ensure precise, repeatable dispensing, Optimum tapered tips are available in both flexible and rigid designs. Flexible, translucent tapered tips are made of a special polyethylene with a light-blocking additive that protects UV-sensitive fluids. Rigid, opaque polypropylene-molded tapered tips provide protection for light-sensitive fluids.

This makes them ideal for dispensing UV-cure adhesives, gel cyanoacrylates, solder paste, sealants, epoxies, RTV silicones, and even thick pastes.

Each tapered tip is manufactured and quality-tested to be free of molding flash – bits of plastic that can block fluid flow and cause inconsistent deposits.

All Optimum dispensing tips are manufactured in the USA in silicone-free facilities to prevent fluid contamination and are certified for industrial use.

Tip hubs are color coded by size to help identify the gauge or internal diameter. Tips are also packaged in clear boxes for easy inventory control – with lot numbers, part numbers, and other information clearly labeled for greater process control and traceability.

Tapered Tips
Gauge Color ID Standard Opaque Rigid Qty/ Box
14 OliveOlive 1.60 mm
7018052 7018049 50
16 Grey
1.19 mm
7018100 7018097 50
18 Green
0.84 mm
7018158 7018147 50
20 Pink
0.58 mm
7005009 7005006 50
22 Blue
0.41 mm
7018298 7005007 50
25 Red
0.25 mm
7018391 7018370 50
27 Clear
0.20 mm
7018417 n/a 50