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Syringe Barrel Systems

Optimum® syringe barrel systems feature Zero Draft™ barrels, SmoothFlow® pistons, and precision-molded adapter assemblies, end caps, and tip caps that work together to produce accurate, repeatable fluid deposits.


Optimum Syringe Barrels

Nordson EFD Optimum Clear Syringe Barrels

Optimum® syringe barrels feature ZeroDraft™ walls with consistent internal diameters that maintain an airtight seal with pistons to ensure accurate, consistent fluid deposits. 

Syringe Barrel Pistons

Nordson EFD Optimum Barrel Pistons

Optimum® SmoothFlow™ pistons feature unique channels that prevent air entrapment while providing a smooth profile radius to reduce fluid shear. 


Syringe Barrel Adapter Assemblies

Nordson EFD Optimum Barrel Syringe barrel adapter

Adapters assemblies connect the Nordson EFD Optimum® syringe barrels to the air output of the fluid dispenser unit. 


Syringe Barrel End Caps & Tip Caps

Nordson EFD Syringe Barrel End and Tip Caps

Optimum® tip caps and end caps provide an airtight seal that allow you to pre-fill syringe barrels to save time or seal partially-used syringes between shifts to reduce waste.


Optimum® Dispense Tips

Nordson EFD General Purpose Tips

Nordson EFD manufactures the highest quality dispensing tips and adhesive nozzles free of flash and burrs for cleaner, smoother flow paths.