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Anti-Flutter Mastic

Nordson offers both single- and dual-acting valve systems for the droplet dispensing of adhesive and mastic materials on automobile panels for anti-flutter bracket attachment.



Nordon's Ejector Gun for Droplet Dispensing provides a precision-metered system for accurate, reliable dispensing of mastic materials with each cycle. A pre-determined, fixed shot volume is determined prior to dispensing, so that the same amount of material is applied each time. As a result, the system offers high repeatability between drops, typically within .1 cc. Shot sizes can be easily adjusted within the operating range of 2.5 to 7.5 ccs.

The AccuDrop™ Gun incorporates a dual acting valve that dispenses as it refills, reducing cycle times.  As a result, shot sizes are easily adjusted within the operating range of 0 to 8 ccs.

With either option, you'll benefit from:

  • Modular design permits easy maintenance
  • Magnetic proximity switches sense fully-dispensed and fully-loaded conditions
  • Material is isolated from air supply, reducing maintenance and downtime
  • Multiple nozzle types and styles are available to meet specific application requirements
  • Optional temperature conditioning maintains uniform material temperature throughout the distribution system