Industrial Coating Systems

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Manufacturers use powder coatings to enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of everyday appliances. Although trends in powder coating have changed over the years, one thing has remained constant – Nordson’s ability to provide experience and innovation in the latest powder application technologies.

We consistently help manufacturers meet ambitious goals and evolving market trends. From quick color change to lean processing, Nordson has adapted its technologies to meet our customers’ needs. Today, we offer a wide variety of technologies to meet most any powder application need in the appliance industry. These include:

  • Organic & PE powder application
  • Precise electrostatic control
  • Infinite color change solutions
  • High-efficiency powder recovery systems
  • High-density, low-velocity dense phase options


No matter what your application need – whether its fast color change on a washer/dryer line or applying a porcelain enamel coating on an oven cavity – we can design a solution that will bring high transfer efficiency, film thickness control and greater productivity to your operations.