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Auttawut Sowasuphap joins Nordson as Southeast Asia Sales Manager for Packaging Film and Sheet Markets

03 Oct 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Corporation has appointed Auttawut Sowasuphap to be Southeast Asia regional sales manager for packaging film and sheet markets.

Midori Wakabayashi joins Nordson as Sales and Technical Support Assistant for EDI® Extrusion and Coating Dies

25 Sep 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson KK has appointed Midori Wakabayashi as a sales and technical support assistant.

Plasticizing package enhances throughput and part quality in injection molding of composites with high glass fiber loadings

15 Sep 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

Xaloy® System from Nordson includes wear-resistant screw, barrel and valve designed for high output and low-shear mixing, with minimal fiber breakage

Custom-enhanced screen changer extends filter life and improves product quality for PET Company KÖKSAN

05 Sep 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson retrofitted its BKG® POLY™ Screen Changer with Filter Candles, providing 4 to 8 times longer filter life, fewer black specks and gels, and less shear stress

Nordson appoints Tyrone Ning as Application Expert for Fluid Coating Systems

01 Aug 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

Tyrone Ning (Ning Tie) has joined Nordson Corporation as an application expert for fluid coating systems.

Nordson appoints Pratik H. Khanna as Sales Manager in India for Extrusion and Coating Dies

10 Jul 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

Pratik H. Khanna has joined Nordson Corporation as Sales Manager in India for Dies.

Nordson appoints GAEP as its distributor in the Middle East for Xaloy® Extrusion and Injection Molding Screws and Barrels

03 May 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Corporation has named Gulf Application Engineering and Packaging (GAEP) to represent the Xaloy® range of plasticizing system components in the Middle East.

Gebau Kunststoff purchases Nordson's SmartGap™ Sheet Die for super-fast thickness change

19 Apr 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

Production line in Moscow for furniture, packaging, and appliance sheet will also incorporate Nordson’s BKG® Melt Pumps as means of increasing capacity

Nordson appoints Rade Petricevic as Aftermarket Manager in the Pacific Rim for Polymer Processing Systems Brands

16 Mar 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

Rade Petricevic has joined Nordson Corporation as aftermarket manager in the Pacific Rim for the company’s Polymer Processing System (PPS) products.

New die design for multi-layer fluid coating makes changing die gaps easier, more accurate, and less prone to human error

06 Mar 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Innovation makes the economic productivity benefits of multi-layer slot dies more accessible by eliminating calculation in use of shims to achieve lip face alignment

Motorized valve assembly for extrusion coating automatically regulates back pressure for optical processing

04 Jan 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

New PolyStream™ assembly from Nordson is a hands-free system that uses closed-loop control to maintain back pressure within a desired range for coating and laminating

Switching screens with new cost-effective manual screen changers is easier, with operators exerting only 50% of the usual force

15 Dec 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

New BKG® NorCon™ EMR and XMR Screen Changers from Nordson Provide Cost Advantages of Manual Units and Are Easily Retrofitted in U.S. or Metric Systems

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