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Find high-quality, precision polymer processing equipment to enhance your production process at Nordson

We understand the intricacies involved in the processing of polymers, the necessity for a pure final product and the desire of manufacturers to find cost- and time-saving efficiencies. Nordson is constantly evolving our polymer processing equipment and machinery to meet industry needs and standards. We’re able to create custom polymer machinery, including extrusion dies, screen changers, fluid coating systems, gear pumps and coextrusion feedblocks, to meet your process requirements. Our goal is to design industrial polymer products that help you find efficiencies even in complex processes so you can maximize your throughput, extend component life and enhance product quality. Browse our polymer processing equipment to find machines and components that will benefit your manufacturing processes and support your business goals. Then, contact us to ask questions, get custom solutions or start the order process.


Easy Melt Screw Xaloy® brand extrusion and injection screws enable you to maximize extrusion throughput, product quality and component life.

Static Mixer

Static Mixer Nordson static mixers are installed right after the gear pump to improve the consistency of the melt feed to the die.

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