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Battery Cell Assembly

Assembly, Bonding and Sealing: Automated application of 1-part and 2-part materials for electric vehicle battery cell manufacturing.

Market growth of electrically powered vehicles is expected to continue unabated, with global technology leaders investing heavily in production facilities and further research and development.

Consequently, scaling up mass production of battery cells presents challenges, with manufacturers driven to focus on improving automation, productivity and product quality, in a still comparatively fledgling industry.

Nordson Sealant Equipment has extensive experience in battery cell assembly processes, working with leading battery manufacturers around the world to dispense the adhesives commonly used, overcoming challenges such as dispensing wide ratio, dissimilar viscosity or abrasive materials with precision, consistency and automation.

Example application processes:
  • Lid bonding and sealing
  • Cell thermal paste
  • Terminal post sealing
  • Case bonding
  • Lithium cell isolation

Nordson Sealant Equipment works alongside adhesive manufacturers to ensure our solution is uniquely engineered to the customer’s application. Our volume displacement rod metering technology permits dispensing thermal gels, or other heavily filled materials, without packing out or wearing the equipment over time. Additionally, a wide range of wetted components and seal offerings allows our dispense equipment to be compatible with battery assembly materials across the globe, with many material suppliers incorporating our technology in their own test laboratories.

View our solution overview video here: