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Selective Soldering Equipment

Nordson SELECT is the new name for ACE Production Technologies and InterSelect GmbH

Selective soldering is the process of selectively soldering components to printed circuit boards and molded modules.  The approach is typically chosen for processes where components could be damaged by the heat of a reflow oven in a traditional SMT (surface mount) assembly process or where reliability dictates through-hole mounting.  Selective soldering is often used in combination with a reflow process where the selective soldering is a post-process limited to select parts, therefore the selective soldering process must be sufficiently precise to avoid damaging the previously reflowed components.  Entry level selective soldering is often used as an efficiency and quality improvement solution over hand soldering.  

Nordson SELECT's range of products includes:   

Standalone Selective Soldering Systems – Designed for a wide variety of selective soldering applications, the Nordson SELECT standalone series offer exceptional value with superior process capabilities including closed-loop process control ideal for batch production. 

In-line Selective Soldering Systems – Nordson SELECT’s series of in-line systems deliver uncompromising quality and productivity for demanding selective soldering applications by integrating the FluxJet™ drop-jet fluxing system and other advanced technologies. 

Modular Selective Soldering Systems – Nordson SELECT’s multi-station modular systems meet the most challenging high-volume requirements by combining parallel processing and multiple soldering nozzles for the ultimate in flexibility and maximum throughput.