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Medical, Life Science and Pharmaceutical Industry Manufacturing

Ensure aseptic manufacturing and use with Nordson medical manufacturing technology

Designed to create a controlled and sterile environment, you’ll find Nordson equipment ideal for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We know how crucial targeted application of materials is in the medical field, which is why our sterile valves, tubes and other dispensing devices are designed to place material right where it’s needed, while providing a clean environment for that material prior to it being dispensed. Our aseptic manufacturing products are free of entrapment areas that could otherwise host build up and bacteria, our needle-free, swabable valves help combat infections, and our fluid management products ensure you get just the right amount of liquid or gas every time. 

If you work in medical or pharmaceutical industry manufacturing, our equipment helps regulate and enhance your processes, including viscosity control systems for conformal coating, tilt dispensing to get into tight corners and curing ovens to help sterilize your final products.

Review our highlighted solutions for medical manufacturing and contact us to see how we can help get you the supplies you need.

Biomaterial delivery, catheters, and medical fluid management.

Medical electronics and device manufacturing: automated and semi-automated dispensing; plasma treatment; test and inspection.

Hygienic, aseptic product manufacturing: sterile nonwovens: surgical gowns & coverings; bed pads; dressings & wound care.

Pharmaceutical packaging.



BX-UV AOI The BX-UV makes inspection of conformal coatings simple and convenient by automating the inspection process for quality, consistency and thickness of coatings under UV lighting with the use of…


Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ)

Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) Nordson ASYMTEK's Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) is an innovative, patented, closed-loop technology that produces consistent dispense amounts for high yield


Cartridge End Caps & Outlet Caps

Cartridge End Caps & Outlet Caps Optimum® cartridge end caps provide an airtight seal at the top of cartridges. Threaded, self-venting outlet caps prevent leaks and keep air from being introduced into the fluid.

Nordson EFD

Cartridge Pistons

Cartridge Pistons Optimum® cartridge pistons are precision molded from high-density polyethylene to fit perfectly within Nordson EFD cartridges, preventing blow-by and leakage during filling and storage. 

Nordson EFD

Cartridge Retainer Systems

Cartridge Retainer Systems Molded from high-tensile, clear plastic, Optimum® cartridge retainers make it easy to visually monitor fluid levels during dispensing – an industry first. 

Nordson EFD

Cast Film Dies

Cast Film Dies Whether your specific cast film product requires the uniquely shaped Contour® die, a versatile Uniflow™ die, or a multi-manifold die, Nordson will work to provide an innovative solution to meet your…

Polymer Processing Systems

C-Base with touchscreen

C-Base with touchscreen The C-Base Bonding/Soldering system is a combination of a C-Flow and a C-Drive module and stands alone from other pulsed heat controllers with its unique integration of responsive temperature control…

Nordson DIMA

C-Drive Head

C-Drive Head The C-Drive Bond Head is designed to deliver quality solder joints and Heat Seal bonds consistently. When coupled with a C-Flow Controller, Temperature, Force, and Displacement Monitoring give…

Nordson DIMA

C-Flow Controller with touchscreen

C-Flow Controller with touchscreen The C-Flow Controller stands alone from other pulsed heat controllers with its unique integration of responsive temperature control and useful tools such as displacement monitoring and force control,…

Nordson DIMA

Cleaning Stations

Cleaning Stations For automated nozzle cleaning of jet valves and needle valves.

Nordson EFD

Computerized Tomography (CT) Option

Computerized Tomography (CT) Option The Nordson DAGE µCT inspection option provides Computerized Tomography (CT) functionality to compliment the 2D X-ray investigations on Nordson DAGE X-ray inspection systems

Nordson DAGE

Conexis Coating Applicators

Conexis Coating Applicators The Conexis Coating Applicators – which include the DD-5130 Needle Valve, the DD-5140 Narrow Beam Spray Valve, and the DD-5150 Airless Curtain Valve provide a variety of solutions to meet specific…


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