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Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Converting Equipment

Enhance product quality and production efficiency with Nordson paper manufacturing equipment

From pulp production to complex packaging, Nordson paper converting equipment can help you provide accurate, reliable and efficient pattern control. We offer a variety of systems to assist with adhesive application as well as laminating functions in paperboard converting. Plus, our product ejection systems help ensure any mistakes are removed from production lines in real time. With Nordson paper and paperboard converting machinery you’ll be able to ensure clean, accurate application of hot and cold adhesives, for a finished product that’s strong and looks great. Find paper manufacturing equipment for converting, packaging, laminating or recycling paper and paperboard.

Nordson highlighted paper converting equipment includes:

Adhesive dispensing solutions efficiently apply liquid cold and hot melt adhesives to meet both form and function to produce many types of containers from cartons and boxes to bags and sacks. 

Nordson extrusion coating, laminating and fluid coating solutions to add value to paper-based packages and related products.

LA 404-2 Pattern Control Systems

LA 404-2 Pattern Control Systems Distance-based pattern controller with easy operation and production flexibility for converting applications

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

LA 725 Pneumatic Applicators

LA 725 Pneumatic Applicators Contact or non-contact adhesive application in continuous or intermittent production with fast-cycle times and clean cutoff

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

LA 825 Series Electric Applicators

LA 825 Series Electric Applicators High-speed, rapid-cycling performance provide consistent, high-quality bond strength

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

LA100-C Level Detection System Kits

LA100-C Level Detection System Kits Efficient, uninterrupted delivery of liquid adhesives from pressure tanks and pump systems

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Layer Multiplication Technology (LMT)

Layer Multiplication Technology (LMT) EDI® Layer Multiplication Technology (LMT) developed for film and sheet promises to extend the shelf life of retort, hot fill, and flexible packaging, while increasing the formability in…

Polymer Processing Systems

Liquid Adhesive Hoses

Liquid Adhesive Hoses Efficiently transport cold adhesive from pumps to pressure regulators, pump filters and guns.

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

LogiComm® Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System

LogiComm® Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System Pattern control and verification systems provide in-line, real-time quality control

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

LV 227 Bead Gun

LV 227 Bead Gun Accurate liquid adhesive bead deposition with precise cutoff and flow control

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

MA-CAFR Fixed Geometry Feedblocks

MA-CAFR Fixed Geometry Feedblocks The MA-CAFR feedblock is designed to allow for easy layer sequence modifications, while optimizing layer thickness. 

Polymer Processing Systems

MA-CARR Adjustable Geometry Coextrusion Feedblocks

MA-CARR Adjustable Geometry Coextrusion Feedblocks Nordson's MA-CARR feedblock design offers processors innovative features to help increase production speed and optimize layer thickness. 

Polymer Processing Systems

MA-F1/F2 Fixed Geometry Feedblocks

MA-F1/F2 Fixed Geometry Feedblocks This feedblock design offers processors the option of the standard extruder connection or a customized entrance. 

Polymer Processing Systems

MA-F2FR-023-VA Specialty Feedblock

MA-F2FR-023-VA Specialty Feedblock This specialty design is ideal for processors who require a feedblock for thermally stable materials and non-glazing (non-optical) quality applications.

Polymer Processing Systems

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