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Tyndall National Institute Trusts Nordson DAGE for Inspection

In late 2014, the Specialty Products & Services (SP&S) Centre at Tyndall National Institute was seeking to enhance its X-ray inspection capability with the purchase of a new modern system. The Nordson DAGE Diamond Flat Panel X-ray System with CT and X-Plane was one of three devices selected for review and quickly became the clear front runner, because of its high specification system and possessing cutting-edge technology.

As one of Europe’s leading research centers in Information and Communications Technology research and development, Tyndall National Institute supports industry and academia in driving research, specializing in bringing solutions for communications, energy, environment and health to market. The SP&S Centre undertakes physical analysis of high-value high-reliability electronic components frequently are used in the space and aerospace sectors where, due to the nature of these sectors, they need to meet the highest reliability and quality standards.

The Nordson DAGE Diamond FP X-ray inspection system meets this need by being the highest resolution system in the market and providing the highest magnification real-time imaging whilst the unique X-Plane option creates 2D X-ray slices in any plane of a printed circuit board assembly without the need to cut the sample. tyndal-feature-2

Tyndall has found the Nordson DAGE Diamond FP to be an essential piece of equipment since its installation in January 2015. The system is used in the one of the early non-destructive steps of the team’s analysis – the inspection of the component prior to disassembly. Its flat panel detector provides the high-quality real-time X-ray imaging required for the detailed inspection. A key advantage of the Diamond FP system has proven to be the X-Plane technology, which provides high-resolution and high magnification CT functionality anywhere on a substrate without the need to cut it. This functionality allows the team to carry out virtual micro-sectioning and obtain internal dimensional measurements of any cracks and voids that might be present.

“Having one system that provides CT and high-resolution 2D imaging along with the X-Plane option is a huge benefit,” said Finbarr Waldon, Specialty Products and Services Department Project Manager for Tyndall National Institute. “Combine that with the software interface being extremely intuitive and we really do have a system that we feel is faultless.”

Waldon continued, “Not only have we been impressed with the performance and reliability of the system, the service we have received before, during and post installation has also been exceptional in terms of know-how and responsiveness. Being on the second floor of our listed building in the City Centre certainly made for an interesting installation! However, Nordson DAGE rose to the challenge. I can thoroughly recommend Nordson DAGE.”